Team and Executive Performance Coaching

What is a successful team?

It’s a team that believes that everyone wants to be on a successful team! It is a team that has a reason of existence. It’s a team that asks for help when goals and capacity have a mismatch. 

It is also a team that allows everyone to live a full, productive, happy and balanced life.

I teach, coach and mentor business executives and their teams to bring in positivity with an eye on business performance and ultimately resonate towards higher productivity.

Do you recognise any of these:

  • Goals keep on getting more challenging, and productivity stalls.
  • You are not clear how much the team is on track to deliver on this year’s goals.
  • There’s lots of activity, it’s just that it is not connected to the business goal for this year.
  • Everyone rolls their eyes when you ask them about the purpose of that meeting.
  • Accountability doesn't really take shape.
  • Stress is taking a toll on everyone.
  • The team is not enjoying work at all.
  • The committed plan evaporates into nothing 3 months down the road.

These challenges are very common. Successful teams and leaders know that in order to improve sustainably, change takes time, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Team coaching is all about solving these issues.

Why Francisco?

Over the last 20 years I have been involved with corporate business teams, start-ups and software development teams. In the last 5 years I served as a certified and accredited in-house team and executive coach for a large FMCG. Prior to this, I also served within continuous excellence programs using LEAN Six Sigma.

With coaching and facilitation skills combined, expertise from past careers, I am passionate to deliver credible, viable, and sustainable change.

Some recent feedback my clients shared with me:

"His no bullshit approach to speaking the truth."
"Francisco is like a stylish standing light to me that 'enlightens' the people in the room."
"Delivering support to others, observing, creating a vision, dreaming, handling with care, showing sensitivity"
"His great insight in sensing what is going on in a team. And work towards a solution."
"Francisco's greatest strength is getting other's to think critically, outside of the box and introspectively."



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